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I am a documentary filmmaker with an observant eye and a deep passion for storytelling. For as long as I can remember I've been watching, filming, and telling the stories unfolding around me every day. From street-corner Sign Spinners to Honduran Migrants I believe deeply that I must plant my feet squarely in the shoes of my subjects. Immersive traveling, insightful interview tactics, and honestly artistic editing are the strengths that I rely on when capturing the tales of others. Using these tools over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to share the stories of rich and diverse people from all over the world - from the streets of New York to the fishing villages of Ghana, I've used my talents to lift up the small and distant and bring them into the lives of my viewers. Documentary storytelling is at it's best when we use this medium to give equal staging to golden-age Hollywood starlets and to the voiceless people of Skid Row. By allowing the subject to be defined by their personhood and not their circumstances we will learn so much more about the world around us and of ourselves. I am fortunate enough to have received a myriad of awards for my work and have had the pleasure of seeing my projects played at many respected film festivals including Sundance and the One World Human Rights Film Festival as well as broadcast international to millions of viewers. I'm never afraid to venture into the unknown and rip apart the accepted standards to find something new, engaging, and exciting.