Scott Barker Films - Francis


FRANCIS is a highly impactful virtual reality film about the effects and breadth of the need for global mental health care. The main story featured in the film is based on the true story and words of Francis Pii Kugbila, a husband, father and teacher in northern Ghana. The viewers are guided through his story by a voice over narration of Francis' first hand account of his own illness narrative who he was prior to his mental illness onset, what happened to him during his illness, and his experience when he recovered. The film shows that Francis, like so many who suffer from mental illness around the world, are valuable members of society who can lead full, productive lives and contribute to their families and communities if they receive science based mental health treatment.

The virtual reality film premiered to five hundred health and finance ministers from around the world and other top international leaders in health, finance and development in conjunction with the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. This high level convening "Out of the Shadows", hosted by the World Bank Group and the World Health Organization, is the focus of an effort to make mental health a global development priority. It also played at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as a part of the AMD presented VR Bar showings. 'Francis' was also featured at the 2018 One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague.

Francis - Watch the VR film in the magic window below.